About Us

S.E.R.R.I Technologies provides enterprise software solutions leveraging proprietary artificial intelligence technology. We have made it our goal to provide the best services to our customers. We aim to become industry leaders in artificial intelligence technology by utilizing our creative and innovative talents to create products and services that surpass current industry solutions.

Meet The Team

Jeremy Ruroede
Founder | Chief Executive Officer

Jeremy has been referred to as a hacker and polymath. He is passionate about new technologies and holds skills in Electronics, Coding, Business Development, and Business management. He spent his early career building prototype information systems for the Department of Defense before starting SERRI Technologies. He has a certificate from MIT in  Artificial Intelligence Business Strategy and has completed the National Science Foundations ICORPS program.


Isaac Christian
Co-Founder | Chief Operations Officer

Isaac holds his Bachelor’s of Science in Physical Sciences from University of Maryland and has spent the last seven years at NASAs Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland, as a mission planner and real time system operations engineer. Here he has been a part of multiple flagship missions and has been involved with the development of Mission Operations Center Telemetry and Command subsystems. Currently Isaac oversees all operations and handles front end development


Elliott Zaresky-Williams
Co-Founder | Chief Artifical Intelligence Officer

Elliott holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Mathematics from the University of Maryland. Elliott has been researching and developing the SerriAI machine learning algorithm since March 2018. He is an expert in applied AI, proficient computer programmer, and Author of an AI book titled “Dreams of Paradise” . Elliott holds two publications, one mathematics paper and the other a machine learning paper. His publications can be found on www.arxiv.org and can give further technical insight into how the SerriAI algorithm operates.

Connor Neumann
Co-Founder | Chief Fincacial Officer

Connor holds his Bachelors of Business Administration in Corporate Finances from Towson University and is a member of Beta Gamma Sigma and Tau Sigma Honor Societies. He bring experience as a corporate accountant from the Cordish Companies and has a background in accounting. He is pursuing his Masters of Business Administration in Entrepreneurship at University of Baltimore. He processes all in-house finances and deals with human resources.


Jeff Scruggs
Machine learning Engineer

Jeff holds his Bachelors of Science in Transportation systems/ Engineering from Morgan State University and is a skilled machine learning engineer who brings experience from the Navel Suface Warface Center Dahlgren Division. His focus is in autonomous vehicles but excels in multiple aspects of machine learning such as Neural Network creation, facial recognition, and predictive analytics. He codes the proprietary algorithms developed in house.

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